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Oct 5, 2012 8:30pm EDT
, to deficit reduction. that is the new focus on the right. spending, that said, and that. romney was making that argument. -- spending, deficit, and debt. >> that was a complete misinterpretations, and i say so with all due respect. >> you do not do all due respect with me. >> hospitality. >> your eating up time. >> they keep interrupting me. >> it is my turn to talk. >> there is a distinction. you overlook the distinction. tax rates and tax revenue. mitt romney is saying it -- how plan the can i make it? we are going to cut rates but we will not reduce the amount of revenue, exactly as what happened in 1986 with the reagan tax reform, because you have cut the rates, eliminated deductions, and you end up with the same amount of revenue. it is what was recommended in the commission that obama appointed. >> there is study after study after study that shows even if he succeeded in doing it, it is not enough to achieve the targets we're talking about. what is interesting, you never hear romney say, no new taxes. you do not hear him say that. >> colby? >> fact. he proposes a 20% across-the- boar
Sep 28, 2012 8:30pm EDT
mitt romney against him is not a fair standard. he is not a great campaigner. i happen to think he would be a good position, but he is not a great campaigner. on the polls, evan is right. if 90% are pointing in one direction, is probably true. but you have to apply a formula when you decide to was going to be likely to show. if you apply the model of the 2008 electorate, you get one result, which is highly pressure obama. but if you say the electorate would look -- and the pro obama. but if you say the electorate looks more like 2004, then the race is even. it is not a conspiracy, it is a question of which way to model the electorate and which way is going to break down on election day. >> we have a debate coming up, nina. what is your advice to mitt romney? how does he gained ascendancy in that debate? >> he has to have a real moment, and i'm sure they are looking for one. i'm sure they are rehearsing many spontaneous moments. obama reportedly is not spending a lot of time prepping because he has to run the country -- >> oh, yeah, he is running the country out of ohio. >> you camp
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)